The Wildlife Brand is a lifestyle for anyone that ventures to the outdoors.   Growing Up on concrete is hard. Every day we take a journey and live out an adventure.  Stepping away from the urban jungle is what we are all about. How you Influence your legacy outside those elements Is living Wildlife.  The Outdoors offers so many opportunities, that inspire millions each year to distance themselves from the daily grind.

Our goal is to share those experiences with others and build appreciation for the outdoors in our younger generations. We represent hikers, bikers, runners, campers, fisherman, conservationists, horseback riders, snowmobilers, skiers and so many more. No matter what you enjoy outdoors, you are Wildlife.

We are creating responsible, premium apparel for every Man, Woman and child who choose to step away from the daily grind. It’s a brand for the entire family to love, share and display proudly. American grown, American made, American tailored garments that feel great, and look amazing.

Our Mission:

Explore, Experience, Live Wildlife AND….Influence your Legacy™